"Funny, poignant, and clever!"


"I was on the edge of my seat!"

"One of the best modern pieces of theatre I have seen in... well, ever!"

"Intense, witty, and dark, with a strong message!"



Written and directed by Alex Secker, The Door is a psychological thriller about paranoia, division, and social interaction.

Winner of the People's Choice Award at the 2017 Swinge Fringe Theatre Festival, The Door marked Secker's theatre debut. It was a critical and commercial success, running for three nights at the Shoebox Theatre in Swindon, selling out each show.


When six strangers awaken to find themselves locked in a windowless room tensions run high.


When their unseen captor gives them a seemingly simple choice - stay in the room or leave through the door - things become dangerously aggressive as each of the group tries to persuade the others of their view.


Soon divisions begin to form and a question is raised - can we really work together when we're already so divided?


Starring Laura Coates, Daniella Faircloth, David Higgins, Louise van der Watt, Matthew Mordak, and Olly Webb, The Door is a "fantastic piece of theatre" that has you "on the edge of the seat" and "makes you think" by holding a mirror up to the modern world.

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