One week.

Okay, so it's been a while since I posted here, and mainly that's down to pure laziness and a spout of utter terror and misery. Let me explain; for the most part I haven't updated this blog because I kept forgetting (despite the many reminders on my phone), but also, last week my computer broke.

Not the computer I use to write this blog, but rather the editing suite, a custom built machine that I use for almost every aspect of my personal and professional life when it comes to filmmaking. I use it for editing, obviously, but also photoshop and to cut together the podcast... basically, it being out of action meant that I was out of action, and I was miserable.

Scratch that, I was a beyond miserable. I was a git. With a capital G. Git. It was a horrible, terrible, awful week. I hated it. One week of pure rubbish.

Anyway, it's all over now, and I'm not looking for sympathy (nor do I expect you to give me any... I mean, talk about your first world problems), and it's all fixed now, hence why I'm back and ready to go. Or, carry on, rather.

And I've been busy. The editing of ONUS is coming along nicely, and I've finished my latest short, The Body, which should be out doing festivals any time soon. I've also, and this is perhaps the most exciting piece of news, released Follow the Crows!

That's right. After years of working on it in various different ways (from the writing, to the shooting, to the editing, to the ADR, to the music, to the trailer, to the festivals and so on and so on), Follow the Crows is finally done and dusted and out there in the world for all to see. On Amazon Prime no less. And... I feel weird about it. I feel like something has dropped out of my life, but in a good way. It's its own thing now, and there's nothing left that I can do on it.

Whatever people wind up thinking of it now, it is what it is and I'm pretty happy with it. Of course I just look at it and see every conceivable thing wrong with it, but that's the nature of filmmaking, I guess.

So, I guess the question becomes what now? What am I going to fill my time up with now?

Well, there are always plenty of things going on. I've still got ONUS, and I'm sure more shorts are just around the corner. But there's one thing that's really been playing on my mind. Something I feel like I want to do just to see if I can.

I want to make a feature film in a week. One week. As if to somehow make up for the terrible one I had, let's have a purely constructive one. One that is spent doing what I love.

I don't know if its possible. I don't know if I can really do it. I don't even know if there are people out there willing to join me on this quest. But it's something I'm going to attempt, and I want to attempt it soon. Over the summer, in fact. A single, seven solid days of shooting. A full feature.

Now, I have no script, no idea, no anything. But that, to me at least, seems like part of the fun. To just sit down, write something with the limitations I know I will face, and then try to get it made. Why not? I mean, the worst thing that happens is that I don't make a feature and, well, that's exactly the same as not doing it in the first place, right?

So, anyway, I'm back. That's all a long winded and roundabout way of getting that point across. But here I am, and I'll be getting back to work from now. Keep your eyes peeled, and if you fancy getting involved give me a shout. I'll be right here, ready to begin.

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