When an idea isn't an idea.

An idea often springs to mind in the strangest of places. I know I've spoken about this before, but it can come from literally anything. From reading someone else's work, watching a movie, talking or simply just a question. Ideas are always forming, some are good, some are bad, some immediately spring to the fullest life and some die and disappear straight away.

And some... some linger, never fully coming together but forever tickling in the back of your mind, insisting that, with a little work, they could become something great.

These are the ideas I hate the most.

What do you want me to do, idea? How am I supposed to form you into something clear and coherent when you just won't evolve or develop? What do I do with you? Why won't you just leave me alone or, if you're not going to, just become something I can use? Man, you're frustrating! Just do one!

I have a lot of these ideas. Sometimes they finally to converge into something. Indeed, ONUS started off that way, and, albeit in a much shorter time frame, The Door. But they're not helpful when they hang around for years on end driving me nuts.

So, I have a question for you people out there who, for some reason unbeknown to me, actually ready this blog and are then going to be willing to comment on it afterwards. What do you do in this situation? What do you do when you have an idea that's been resting for near a decade, one that, every time you head to the computer to write pops up and goes "hey! Remember me! Do something with me!" and then immediately hides when you ask it what?

Do you guys have writing exercises that you do? Do you have certain ways you develop ideas, certain rituals, certain little things that just help get the words or music, or whatever it is you enjoy doing, flowing?

I'd love to know. Maybe it might help me a little bit.

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