ONUS Q&A: Shaniece Williams (Lucy)

What is ONUS?

Onus is about an upper-class family who has heavy dealings with witch craft. And they seem to suck everyone around them into their chaotic lifestyle. Even their maid, a young girl which they blackmail and turned into their own puppet, and most likely the only person they can trust with the family secret. its dark twisted but has a witty sense of humor to it that I think the audience will enjoy. Very sharp and comes back on both sides, so it’s both hilarious and scary at the same time and it is something that will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

Channelling a character that has no relation to me, but I intend on using my past disappointments to connect with the character emotionally and physically. Also realizing that my character might be the most hated in the film, it gives me a sense of shyness, which would add to my character, so it will take me to the place and right frame of mind and where I need to be for this film.

Why did you want to be involved in the production?

I wanted to get involved because this will be my first film, I’m more musical theatre based. This film will be my gate way into the acting industry. My hope is that it gives me the start that i have been looking for. A boost into the film industry, I love horror films and I love a challenge. This film takes me outside my comfort zone and it challenges me to think outside the box. I am glad I was given the opportunity and was trusted with this role and I hope I do this part justice.

What makes ONUS stand out from other films of the same genre?

What makes onus stand out from other films are that its very witty and easy on the eye. Its family orientated, and it shows a bit of how families can argue at home minus the witchcraft. Onus makes you uncomfortable as well as intrigued and it feeds into your curiosity. In other films the story line is pretty much predictable, but Onus it keeps you thinking keeps you wanting more, keeps you thinking what next.

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