ONUS Q&A: Alex Pitcher (Vincent)

What is ONUS?

Onus is a wonderfully scripted ‘paint-by-numbers’ folk horror with twists and turns that leave you satisfied as a fan of horror and wanting more if you’re not.

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

Vincent is great. He’s a typical old-money millennial. The hardest part about playing Vincent is coming to terms with the fact that we’re very alike. He’s a pompous arse who would go against my own moral belief system, but his mannerisms and “talk before thinking” ethos reminds me so much of the bad parts of me. He’s great, though. You love to hate him and hate to love him. Such a pleasure to play the role.

Why did you want to be involved in the production?

I worked with Alex and Marc on Follow the crows which was amazing. I had a small part, but it was one of the best experiences. When they approached me and said “hey we got this part we think you might like” I was already saying “yes” in my head before even finding out the details and considering logistics.

What makes ONUS stand out from other films of the same genre?

I think what makes this film so special is that it does the basics right and yet adds its own unique flavour to the mix. The dialogue in some horror films is terrible but the purpose of the film is perfect. This film has the dialogue to a nailed-to-a-tree level of perfection while still keeping true to a traditional folk horror. It’s got cheese as well as smarts. It won’t stand alone, but it will stand out.

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