ONUS Q&A: Erin Leighton (Isobel)

What is ONUS?

Onus is an unapologetically unnerving and creepy film. It will make you wonder who to trust as it leads you towards imminent doom.

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role? I'm no stranger to playing evil, psychotic, sinister, or just plain bad bitches, (no reflection on my actual self, i swear!!!) so it wasn't that much of a challenge to get in to the role of someone who isn't exactly.. a nice girl... However, the deep-rooted reasoning for Isobel’s actions and her struggles throughout the film emotionally are certainly something i had to really focus on understanding and eventually, feeling, myself.

Why did you want to be involved in the production? I'm an absolute sucker for a horror film. I love to be scared and the chance to scare someone else (the audience) was something i had to jump at. I am a lover of creativity and creative, passionate people. Being involved in an independent film with a group of creative people with a clear passion for film is an absolute joy. (I realise joy is a strange word to feature when discussing a film about sacrifice but hey... I'm a strange person).

What makes ONUS stand out from other films of the same genre? Onus is fantastic because although doom is quite clearly imminent (i mean, it's a horror... what do you think is going to happen?!) it doesn't follow a conventional path, like most horrors do. Sure, there is pain, fear and completely horrific goings on, but the order of such things follow quite an original path. It also is injected with some rather refreshing humour and standard family banter (this means banter amongst the Redferne family, in no way is this a family film!! Unless the Adams family want to watch it) making it amusing as well as disturbing.

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