Pointless post for a pointless blog.

I often find when writing that it helps to be a little... well, furious. That might sound weird but let me explain. It's not that I like getting angry, but there's something about furiously typing that, I think at least, makes me a better writer. I write fast, I write more interestingly, and often I write more truthfully when I'm mad.

I'm not saying go and get mad and then write about what's making you mad. Don't send that message when you're annoyed, write it, and then wait till you've cooled off a bit before you send it. There will be things you'll want to edit out, but I suspect you'll also find you've written some stuff you wouldn't have had you been calm and collected before writing it, and that stuff might just be the key to breaking open a conversation or a story or whatever it is that you're writing for.

I also find that writing is a way to sort of excise my own frustrations. If I'm feeling angry about something then writing can help me calm down. It's cathartic, almost therapeutic. I really like writing. Hey! If there's some job out there where I can just write stuff and get paid, that would be great. Stephen King gets to do it, why can't I? No fair!

Just to be clear, this isn't some gran advice from a world class writer, I'm just a guy who likes writing. I like to think I'm pretty good at it, why wouldn't I? But I can't honestly say that I am. Quite often I read back the things I wrote and just cringe. Maybe in ten years time those things will get me fired from Disney? Who knows. One can only dream...

Anyway, the whole point of this is that I've been frustratingly lax with this blog and I guess the reason is I'm just not sure what I'm meant to be using it for these days. Since starting at BRWC (you should check them out by the way, they're great and really nice guys. Plus, they keep letting me write this stuff for them and that's got to count for something, right?) I've been using that to publish my thoughts on the current world of film, as well as look backs at certain trends and stuff. And with Letterboxd (follow me, my opinion is worth something GODDAMMIT!) I've found a place to keep all of my thoughts on individual films. So what's the point in this blog?

Truth of the matter is that I really like writing but I fear this blog may have become a sort of pointless endeavour. I don't have enough "stuff" going on each week to write about my general progress on different projects, and that feels kind of weirdly narcissistic (although I suppose the entire idea of writing about my own opinions is kind of that anyway so...), so what am I using this thing for exactly other than showcasing some of my work.

Thing is, though, I'm reluctant to get rid of it. I like the idea of having a blog and keeping it up regularly, I just need to, you know, find stuff to keep it up regularly with, and that's the trouble.

So, after a lot of thinking and staring off into sunsets wondering just how the world works, I've decided that this is going to be a place for me to put absolutely anything that comes to my mind once a week when I sit down at the computer. Whatever that winds up being I guess we'll find out. But the point is, it will happen, once a week. I'm determined. At least I am today.

I appreciate that as far as structure goes this is very frustrating ending but... I kind of like open ends, so screw you.

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