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As a writer I like to be all pretentious and create! There's something incredibly fun about just inventing things, finding interesting characters and putting them in odd situations and seeing how they play out when facing off against each other. It's a lot of fun.

I find it difficult to describe to anyone who doesn't write, but when I'm writing I do often find the characters have their own voice and their own thoughts and motives. Often the page just suddenly gets filled as I'm writing, before I realise it I've bashed out four pages of dialogue and no one's moved. The task of editing my own work often plays out just trying to find out where they would get up and walk across the room. But when you're caught up in the heat of the moment and you just got to get this dialogue out, your characters are arguing and there's great conflict, sometimes you forget it has to be visually interesting too.

Of course, that isn't always the case. Sometimes I just want to shoot something.

Not with a gun. Let's be clear, here. I hate guns. I mean shoot as in with a camera... obviously.

Anyway, it was nice to get out in the sun for a couple of days last week and shoot some footage for the crowdfunder video for my next project. If you've been following this blog, or me online anywhere, you'll know that my next project is a folk-horror called Onus (yes, we're doing this bit again, be prepared to hear a lot about it over the coming months).

Well, we've managed to raise the funds to ensure that the film is going to get made, but we're looking for more just to try and make it an awesome film. Cameras aren't cheap, it'd be super cool to pay everyone, we really kind of like food as well...

So, we headed out into the hot sun to shoot a little video that will sort of half serve as our pitch and half serve as a little bit of fun just to grab attention. After the success of the Follow the Crows crowdfunder it made sense to try this route again, and this time we're even more experienced and so we're planning on making an even better film!

But the process of being out and filming did get me to thinking; I haven't shot anything in a little while (camera again, not gun), and it'd be nice to have a short to release. So, you can consider this an announcement of sorts, I'm working on another short film, hopefully it'll be ready to go within the next few weeks. I think I'd quite like to get a couple out before I disappear down the Onus rabbit hole altogether, because God knows there won't be time once I do.

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