Full steam ahead.

There’s something oddly exciting about knowing you’re moving forward to a project. It’s hard to explain, because you know you’re going to hit snags, you know you’re not quite “there” yet, you know you’ve still got a way to go, but the fact that you’re actually doing stuff and things are starting to happen, that’s really exciting and it just feels like you’ve started a process.

With Onus we’ve spent a long time in pre-production, trying to make sure things are right. In many ways it’s a far more complex film that Follow the Crows ever was, not just in terms of story and structure (at least, I think it is), but in terms of what is actually required for the shoot.

Follow the Crows was written with necessity in mind. It was written to be shot at evenings and weekend. It was written to be condensed into smaller segments and approached as a group of shorts. It was written with all of these things at the forefront of my mind, and while I kept the desired story and themes running throughout, the necessity and logistics of getting the thing made had a big influence on how it turned out.

I think we were lucky in a sense because quite often things worked out in our favour. Although we hit a lot of snags and a lot of walls, with issues arising from everything (seriously, everything. The sound, the locations, the wind, the costumes…) ultimately the film is better for the solutions we had to work with, although they may not have been what we initially went in expecting.

Having learnt a lot while working on Follow the Crows I’ve applied much of that knowledge to Onus. While the film wasn’t written with necessity in mind in quite the same way the first script was, it certainly played a part. We’re definitely being more ambitious this time around, but we also have a better knowhow when it comes to achieving that ambition.

So Onus is bigger and bolder in many ways, but in many ways it’s stripped right back. Lots of the things I had wanted to do with Follow the Crows simply weren’t possible and had to be altered, with Onus much of that has been implemented into the script already. Again, it still focuses on the story and themes I wanted to project, and most importantly it still says what I wanted it to say, but it’s also far more effective, far more streamlined, far more… focused.

Having reached this point where we’re pushing ahead with everything and just going in with the knowledge that whatever happens this film will definitely get done, there’s a strange sense of comfort in knowing that we’re finally moving with it.

Keep an eye out on the twitter and the facebook, and check out the website, because we’re going to be updating lots of stuff soon, and we’re still seeking investment from anyone interested in helping out. There’s a potential 25% return on investment if you are interested, and you can check out any further information by heading here and taking a look at our visual treatment.

Exciting times lay ahead, now, and I feel pretty good about that.

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