And now the screaming starts.

Aaaaaaand here we go! It finally feels like things are happening now. We're busy putting bits together, making these insane ideas I have a total reality. This is ambitious, more ambitious that Follow the Crows even, and that was based after the apocalypse.

By now, if you follow any of my social media profiles or read this blog, you've no doubt figured out that this is a horror film. But please don't roll your eyes and switch off, I promise you that there's more happening here than a simple horror story.

It's not a slasher, it's not a "gore-fest", it's not a ridiculously over the top, kind of dumb zombie movie. It's none of those. It's far more interesting and, hopefully at least, complex than any of those kinds of things.

Will it be frightening? I hope so. But only you guys will be able to answer that, and only when it's made and you've seen it. We're still on the hunt for a couple of extra crew members, but once we've got them sorted then we'll be ready to go. Shooting dates are set, things have begun, the movie has been cast and the script has been finished. Man, this feels exciting.

I know you've heard it all before but it's true, so I'll say it again. Everyone who is on-board is wonderfully talented and brilliant in their roles. The cast is exceptional and I can't wait to see them get to work, while the crew (many of which are brought over from Follow the Crows) are all wonderful and do some absolutely incredible work.

Unfortunately I can't really say too much more than that at this point in time. But be hyper-aware, because announcements and reveals will be coming your way soon. Now we're finally at this point and things have started happened we'll be able to bring you news.

Exciting times lay ahead once more, and I'm both supremely nervous and ridiculously excited to push ahead. We're at the starting line but the pistol has been fired! Get ready, I've got another movie on the way!

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