Film funding is a (folk) horror.

Finding funding is perhaps the most frustrating part of film-making. Honestly, it's really infuriating. I understand that people are unwilling to part with their hard earned cash because, well, hey... I'm unwilling to part with my hard earned cash too, and I'm the one making the thing.

Despite this, while working on pre-production for my next feature - a folk horror inspired, in part at least, but such classics as The Wicker Man, Rosemary's Baby and... The Evil Dead (hahaha) - myself and my producer have managed to raise a not unimpressive sum of £5,000, but it's still not enough to make this film the best it can be.

And here's the frustrating part; I believe in this film. I strongly believe that the script is good (of course I do, I wrote it), but I also believe that it's unique. I think it could be a real winner, if not somewhat divisive - although most good films are - and I think the story is a really relevant and "important" story to tell. I want to tell it, and I want to tell it well.

We have put together a rather impressive cast, one made up of the best local actors around. They're all perfectly fitted to their roles and perform them with brilliance. And I'm not just saying that because I'm the one who cast them, they really are all brilliant.

Likewise the crew, it will look and sound and feel absolutely incredible and I just can't wait to get onto the set and start putting it together. It's going to be amazing... all we need is some more funding.

What makes it so frustrating is that it's so close and yet so far. Just another £5,000 would put us at an amazing advantage, anymore would be a bonus. We can do it, we just need that money. And yet it's so difficult to raise money for things like this. It's so difficult to convince people to hand over even just a tenner, and why wouldn't it be? Like I said, I understand why people wouldn't want to part with their hard earned cash.

We're going to be doing a crowd-funder, the Follow the Crows one was somewhat successful, but we're still exploring other avenues as well. If anyone is interested then please send me a message and we can have a chat. We have a "look book" and a treatment and we can discuss all these things with you if you are potentially up for investing.

Horror is a big genre and always makes money, even at the lower budget end of the spectrum. Horror fans are loyal - believe me I know, I'm one of them - and when a good horror movie appears it's always going to find an audience. I know we have a good one here, and especially now, with the likes of Get Out, It and even A Quiet Place making noise at the box office, effective and poignant horror movies are a booming business.

It's going to be great, I promise. We could make it now, it's just so difficult being this close and yet so far away.

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