As a person my interest in films is less about the technical aspects and more about the storytelling. I like the idea of film as a way to tell a story, and I love telling stories. That's not to say I don't enjoy books or the theatre (or even music on that level, occasionally), but I think film is a unique and the most interesting way to tell a story to a wide audience.

When you make a film you have complete control over what the audience sees and hears within the film. Reading a book you're still leaving certain key things up to the audience imagination, and when watching theatre so much of it is about suspending disbelief that it's a beast unto its own. But with film, you're showing and you're telling and there's not really any two ways about it. Unless, of course, you decide you want there to be two ways about it, in which case, well... you have the power to do that through what you show and tell. Or rather, what you don't.

I love the idea of telling a story through visuals and of taking the audience on a journey. I like thinking carefully about how a certain scene is going to look, how I'm going to create a mood or a feel, how each shot is going to convey what I want from it. How am I going to get across that this character is a liar or this character is a whimp and so on and so on.

It's something I find very few other filmmakers I meet seem to consider, or at least they don't seem to consider it when I speak to them. The way the camera moves conveying its own visual story within the wider narrative. People seem far more interested in the technical side of things. They seems to like cameras and lenses and what they can achieve technically, but not so much in the experience that is being crafted by making a film.

I've always struggled with the technical side. I've gotten better, as my experience grows, but I've always struggled. For whatever reason it takes longer for that kind of stuff to just get into my head. Talk to me about story structure, about visual language, well, I'm hooked. Talk to me about variable ND filters and.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I suspect this is why I'm sat here writing this blog and wondering why I haven't "made it" yet instead of being out there shooting a commercial for W H Smiths or whatever, but there you have it. At heart I'm a writer, I suppose, but I'm also a director, one with a (at least I hope anyway) strong vision of what he wants. I'd just rather leave the technical stuff up to other people.

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