The horror, the horror.

Having found things slowing down now we've previewed Follow the Crows (all that's left now is that pesky festival circuit) I've been looking for ways to fill my time proactively.

It appears there's little chance of me being able to get involved in other's projects because, well, I tried that and got straight up ignored, and obviously I'm going to be making some more shorts in this time, but shorts by nature are short and so they're over quite quickly.

What have I been doing to fill my time then? Well, I've been working on my second feature film, and I'm starting to find myself really excited about it.

Unlike Follow the Crows, which was an idea that seemed to fall into play relatively quickly and come together pretty fast, this next film has been something I've been toying with for a few years. In fact I first had the idea shortly after the birth of my son (not that sons or birth feature particularly heavily in the plot) and was drawn from an obsession I've had with a group of movies for years.

And I mean since I was like 14. Because that's really when this whole idea began to spring to life.

The story has gone through many iterations and has changed and changed back and morphed, and with each new version improved slightly upon the one that came before. Up until now, when I feel like it's in a place that's really interesting and unique and has something to say.

The themes and ideas expressed in this story are close to me, and they're things I feel somewhat strongly about. Whereas Follow the Crows dealt with the themes of isolation, retribution and guilt, here the themes are more personal.

It's an exciting time, and I'm happy to have a group of people working on it that I can trust. I'm looking forward to bringing on more people and making this thing.

Follow the Crows was exciting because it was my first, but this is exciting because it's something a little different. I can't wait to get to work.

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